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Chris is a Vancouver based Electronic DOP with over 13 years experience in the Broadcast, TV, Film, Web and Commercial industries. He has worked with most digital Prosumer, SLR, Broadcast and Professional cameras such as Canon 5D, Panasonic HDX-900, Red Epic just to name a few. His vast experiences includes moving Motion Control Time Lapse, Commercials, Documentaries, Entertainment, Tourism, Short Films, Corporate, Web Series, TV series insert shots, Life Style, Reality, Behind the Scenes/EPK, News and Professional Sports.

His Aerial Cinematography experience includes shooting with a stabilized shoulder rig from inside A Star helicopters. Chris will travel upon request and has toured various US states, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Brazil, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand.

Chris caught the eye of Getty Images in February 2011 and is now one of their active contributors to their premium stock site. During this same month Eric Kessler was impressed by his time lapse reel and instantly agreed to sign Kessler Crane’s as one of Chris’s equipment sponsors.

He is very active in many activities such as hockey, tennis, surfing, hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkelling, He can ski and skate with a camera in hand. This was an asset for him on the reality TV Series “Making The Cut” a reality show about hockey.

His hobbies interests include music, photography, drumming and quad R/C helicopters.


Chris graduated in Television Broadcast during the year of 2000 at BCIT, Vancouver, BC Canada.

Awards include Promax Gold, Promax Silver and “Peoples Choice ” nomination for the digital short ” Everybody Loves a Clown? “.

Chris proudly gives about 1% of his revenue to charities such as Red Cross and SPCA. He is a I.A.T.S.E 669 member


Since 2000 Chris has been developing, building and experimenting with what he calls “Perspective Technologies” which includes any device that enhances the production value of a project through an unique POV perspective. Such items includes R/C helicopters with on board cameras, car mounts, telescopic time lapse mast cams, various motion control camera rigs, wireless video transmitters and receivers, body cameras among many other experimental projects.

On August 2012 he was potentially the first to shoot a short film called “In Motion” that utilized this newly discovered technique that he calls ” Multi Lapse “. Chris defines this as a technique that mixes many different elements of in camera time lapse creation together in a way that enhances the viewers experience via a uniquely surreal moving POV perspective.

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